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Phone ringtones are often the opinions of many of you owning the new Smartphone, you will want to reinstall everything for your phone. Especially the Bollywood ringtone helps you discover your phone anytime anywhere when someone calls, even you will feel like you stand out and attract more than ever when your bell resounded. Or have you used the default ringtone for a long time? It’s boring, you want to change to the best ringtones today. Keep up the trend with today’s most popular ring tones. Bestringtones scores in the top 5 Bollywood hot ringtones in March and if you love them, you can quickly access them to own the ringtone for your phone.

1: Tera jaisa yaar inst ringtones.


Tera jaisa yaar inst is a very meaningful song for the senior students have feelings for each other. Taking the inspiration from the last class photo, the young ARRAHman, to express his thoughts and aspirations.
Tera jaisa yaar inst (ringtones) is one of the shy Bollywood songs of a pure pupil love, when the student does not want to leave school, friends, teachers and also a friend whom I deeply steal remember. At launch, Tera jaisa yaar inst has received the enthusiastic support of Bollywood ringtone lovers in general as well as ring tones for the phone in particular.

2: Mile ho tum ringtones artist by Lucky.

The ringtone Mile Cucumbers conquer the listener with the most genuine feelings of soldiers because it was composed by Lucky artist. With the expression of Lucky author in the ring tone Mile this tune brings a gentle melody, suggesting the distant moments of Bollywood music lovers.


Lyrics: Mile ho tum ringtones artist by Lucky.

Teri chahaton mein kitna tadpe hain
Sawan bhi kitne tujh bin barse hain
Zindagi mein meri sari jo bhi kami thi
Tere aa jaane se ab nahi rahi

Sada hi rehna tum
Mere kareeb ho ke
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se

Baahon mein teri ab yaara jannat hai
Maangi khuda se tu wo mannat hai
Teri wafa ka sahara mila hai
Teri hi wajah se ab main zinda hoon.

Each word, every tone in this ringtone is really suitable for young people today in the world. This Miley Cyrus ringtone is in the best Bollywood ringtones category, where you can hear the best high quality ringtones and new ringtones download for mobile (phones) in a simple way. , fast and completely free. Listen to this awesome ringtone!

3: Khali khali Dil Ko ringtones.

Khali khali dil is not the theme song in the famous movie of the same name of Bollywood movie. Khali khali dil ko ringtones artist by Armaan Malik, Payal Dev as soon as it was released was very quickly welcomed by music lovers. With sweet melodies, deep and reminiscent of beautiful images of beloved roofs, young memories of love sweet sweet couple have made “Khali khali dil ko ringtones” fell know How many hearts of music lovers. Not only by the melody and lyrics, but the dance of Khali diligently is also something that is deposited with the fun pictures of the first couple dating. This ringtone must have become familiar every season.


Lyrics: Khali khali dil ko (ringtones)

Tujhme rahoon main ijazat de
Jeene ki mujhko aadat de
Hmm tujhme rahoon main ijazat de
Jeene ki mujhko aadat de
Mere ishq ko tu rakhna
Khud mein hifazat se
Khali khali dil ko
Bhar denge mohabbat se
Khali khali dil ko
Bhar denge mohabbat se
Khali khali dil ko.

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4: Swag se swagat ringtones.

Swag se swagat ringtones – The Bollywood ringtones for mobile is raining on the Vietnamese music charts and the top five most heard songs across India. Swag se swagat ringtones is performed by artist Neha Bhasin, Vishal Dadlani. The ringtones as soon as they were uploaded quickly smoked tens of thousands of listen and download to the phone. With the ringing tone of the chorus chosen by Bestringtones as the ringtone.


Lyrics: Swag se swagat (ringtones).

Yeah .. we can make it better.
Yeah .. when we come together.
Yeah .. all you got is me.
Yeah .. all I got is you!

Ishq se aage?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch …
Ishq se behtar?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch …
Ishq se?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch …
Ishq bina hum cook nahi …

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5: Tu dua hai ringtones.

Two of the ARRahman’s debut songs, “Tu dua hai ringtones”, conquered the audience with soft lyrics and a deep message of school age. Especially in each farewell season. Even though the song does not use rock rowing, pen-flowing lines or red phoenix flowers, the melodious melody of the song reminds the audience of the choking moments. With this artist’s clear voice, the song has made the song even sweeter and more impressive than ever.


Lyrics: Tu dua hai ringtones.

Tu Jo Keh De Agar To
Main Jeena Chhod Doon
Bin Sochey Ek Pal,
Saans Lena Chhod Doon
Tu Jo Keh De Agar To
Main Jeena Chhod Doon
Bin Sochey Ek Pal,
Saans Lena Chhod Doon
Naa Rahun, Naa Jeeun
Koi Lamhaa Tere Bin
Zindagi Hai Thami
Tujh Mein Hi Kahin
Tu Dua Hai Dua.

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